October 27, 2008

October 27th, 2008

Last weekend when I went to Homestead Gardens to pick up my pumpkin, I saw they had orchids. Every time I go in there, they have them, and they are lovely. Work today has been really slow and as I sit here watch the clock tick down to the end of the day, I wonder if I could keep an orchid alive. I have never done any real planting, unless you count the $1 seeds I bought at Target one summer and planted. They turned out great, but orchids are very delicate looking.

Before I jump ship and buy one I have to do a little more research... are they human proof... are they stupid proof... how well will they with stand a dog that loves to smell flowers... etc. I think it would be lovely to have one in my room, but I am afraid I will kill it. I haven't killed my dog, but who's to say I won't kill this plant? And I think they require some sort of trimming or pruning after they stop blooming, which I might totally butcher.

Tonight when I get home I am planning on breaking out the carving tools and carving my pumpkin... hopefully with little disturbance from the family. Lord knows they like to talk my ear off and it distracts me terribly. My mom is the worst... granted she has MS and some of the things that come out her mouth are amazing. I guess when you have MS lesions on the brain that happens. And my dad relies on the info he gets from mom, which can be the most far fetched stories ever.... so it's kind of like having the blind lead the blind.

My older brother is supposed to go to New Orleans this week, and my question is who is taking care of the cats? They were supposed to be in new homes by now. He refuses to take them to a shelter which will find them new homes, because he doesn't want them living in cages. I even offered to drive them to our local SPCA in Baltimore, MD. This way they would be placed in homes and well cared for. One of them vomits on the constant and I think it might need some veterinary care, he's super skinny. My brother feeds them, but while the other cats are fat this one is vomiting and skinny. Hopefully he figures out what to do with them soon... 5 cats is one too many for a person.

Well I end this with a picture I found online while looking up orchids in wikipedia.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
I luv Orchids, they're sooo beautiful, look, if others can care for them so can you, so go for it when you feel you have the time to care for it. As for Moms believe me my Mom knows how to make a mountain out of a mole hill,she's the reason my sister and I are always at ends with each other! p.s. I hope the kitty is okay!

~Marie~ said...

Hey Gerri. Yea I'm sure I would do fine with the Orchids, I just need to make sure I do what is supposed to be done.

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