October 16, 2008

October 16th, 2008

More images of Fall.......

I was pleased to be asked by the broadcasting school I attended to write a short piece on my experience while attending the school back in 2002. It was kind of like writing a testament to how I've succeeded after broadcasting school. I was told that my short article would be placed in their 40th anniversary booklet, that would be handed out to future students, and alumni alike. If I get a copy of it I will post it on here for you all to read.

If you live in Maryland, or even Pennsylvania, and are interest in a career in radio or television broadcasting, call the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland to find out how you can get started. I know, a plug for them, but after all they were the ones who helped achieve my dream job!

Well I was able to get ahold of my interviewer today to find out if I was still in the running for the job, and where they were at in reaching a decision. I was told that they would call me back at the end of today after they made their decision. Well as I am typing this it's well past the end of the day and I want to know if I got the job. Chances are they have already left for the day and you better believe I will be calling on Friday to find out if I have been selected for the position. I did manage to get some positive feed back on my interview, he said I was very pleasant and he enjoyed interviewing me. I'll take that as I did good!!

I can't stand waiting...... I want to know if I got the job! I want to know if I will finally have health insurance again, because I have been without it for a little over two years now. I want to know if I get to move forward after a year of fervently applying at just about every station I could find with openings... I want to know damn it! I'm patient, but I also like answers!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! On your article that's great and it's also a positive sign
that you'll get the job! See positivity breeds positivity, so stay positive 24/7! Another beautiful photograph, sooo breathtaking!

~Marie~ said...

Thank you!!! And yes positivity breeds positivity.

The Writer said...

I know how you feel, Marie, but no matter what, you hang in there. It takes time for things to fall into place. Waiting can be hard and very nerve racking, but in the end you will see how everything went into place to take you where you needed to be.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

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