September 26, 2008

September 26th, 2008

Today Peanut gets his yearly shots.... my wallet is not looking forward to this. But it has to be done. I know he will sleep for a couple hours when we get home, but that will be from the anti-histamine shot he will get with his yearly shots. Mostly because if he doesn't get it he gets super lumpy....poor lumpy buddy! Ha ha. I won't have much to do, so I'm pretty sure he will be snuggled up next to me.

Tonight I have Cindy's birthday celebration! It should be fun, I don't know if I will get as tipsy as at the wine festival, but either way I can't wait. I will have a full report on that as well as pictures Saturday.

In the spirit of fall, and the fact that October is right around the corner, here is a little something to get us all in the spirit. It's Peanut's halloween picture from last year (07), he was Count Peanut-cula!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh how cute!
Marie you should really make this into a Greeting Card, it's sooo sweet! I luv it!

The Writer said...

He makes a great Count Peanut! Good luck with the shots. You're the second person I've known with the shot reaction in a dog.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Howlin' Hounds said...

Peanut is such a cutie!
Love his Peanut-cula costume.
Hope we did ok with his vaccines.

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