September 23, 2008

September 23rd, 2008

I'm feeling the pinch of the penny... Just the other day my boyfriend said we were going somewhere in December. Normally any kind of trip excites me, but not this year. I have had a rough time with money this year, mostly because I have had to pay for big $$ items. Such as new tires, new eye glasses and contacts, renew car registration, new brakes with new wheel sensor, and this coming Friday Peanut gets his yearly shots.

I'm so worried that I won't be able to save up enough cash for when we go on vacation. Not that I would have to pay for anything, but I do have bills to come home to, and I don't get paid vacations at my job. Hence my fervent search for a new radio job that includes paid vacations, health insurance, and quite possibly sick days. One of those I can live without... Can you guess it's the sick days? LOL.. Hopefully I will be able to work something out, and pull through. Besides I don;t want to tell him "no I can't go on a week away with you in Decmeber because I am broke." Especially since he will be gone the entire month of January, as he travels with his brother through South America. I love that they set aside time for each other... I don't like that he will be missing my birthday. Same thing happened last year when he traveled to China, Thailand, and Australia in January. I was miserable to say the least....

Moving on.. if you are at all interested, between now and September 30th, 2008, if you use the promo code temple while checking out when purchasing something from my picture store, you will get 30% off. It doesn't last long and I am all about sales. If you happen to miss this one, it's ok. I'm sure there will be other sales, and I will be sure to inform you.

Last but not least, I have convinced my older brother to let me put together a flyer to possibly hang in the vets office on Friday, so that he can find new homes for 3 of his 5 cats. He has come to realize that is too many cats for one person, and has chosen which three get new homes. Hopefully it helps and he finds them new homes....


The Writer said...

So where are you going on vacation?

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

~Marie~ said...

That is unknown at the momment, it's always a surprise. Which I totally love! But beings that we are traveling in December, I am going to bet it's somewhere warm.

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