October 1, 2013

October 1st, 2013

Happy 1st day of October!  Well maybe not so happy since the goverment got their panties in a bunch and decided to shutdown. But let's make the best of today! Even the the shutdown will affect everyone, not just goverment employees. I'm a dog groomer by profession, and if the people do come in to get heir dog groomed here will be less add on services, and that means less money in my check. Also, less tips. You may not think to tip your dog's groomer, but you tip your hairdresser, right?  Same thing, just for your dog. 

As of right now all my tips are going into my savings for the wedding. And there is not much in there, since life keeps poppin up with surprises. Hopefully we can get enough together to do a small wedding on the beach. Which would be ideal for me. I'm not knocking a court house wedding, I just don't feel it is for me. 

Ok. So enough of this and on to something more fun. I took Peanut in for a bath and haircut. I had picked up a pack of blow pens a couple of weeks ago, and decided to have some fun with them. Of course Peanut was the test subject. He is possibly the best test subject ever! 

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