April 25, 2012

April 25th, 2012

Who doesn't enjoy a good glass of wine?

April 22, 2012

April 22nd, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

As a way to recycle, I'm going to attempt to make Fork Bracelets.

It's easy, but not that easy.

Also if you have an iphone (or android too I think), you can follow me on instagram. My username is Marieeg115.

April 20, 2012

April 20th, 2012

Working in the grooming salon is dangerous sometimes. Yup, cut my hand with scissors. It hurts, but it's not so deep that I need stitches. Bandaids and neosporin away!

April 18, 2012

April 18th, 2012

I bought this lotion thinking it would smell like a light flower. I'm pretty sure I smell like Lemon Pledge, ha ha ha.

Oh well!

April 15, 2012

April 15th, 2012

I love the way this smells. It reminds me of the beach and long summer days.

April 8, 2012

April 5, 2012

April 5th, 2012

Oh man! Today I woke up thinking it was friday. It's only thursday.... Ha ha.

Mark and I made an improvement to the garden. Hopefully it will help keep the rabbits out of our strawberries.

April 4, 2012

April 1, 2012

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