June 13, 2011

June 13th2011

Yesterday  I had to take Peanut to the emergency vet for Colitis. This is the second time he has had it and it can be quite upsetting to see. But I learned something new. You can give your dog Pepcid AC for an ipset stomach. Also dogs who eat a lot of grass can get colitis because they can't process the fiber.

Hopefully I can get his tummy on the straight and narrow and we can stop this. I am going to visit the holistic dog food place to pick up some probiotics for him, and hopefully that will help.

Here is a pic of Peanut patiently waiting for his test results of pancreatitis. They alway test schnauzers for it because they are prone to it.


Sandi said...

My neighbors just lost their elderly lab who was Jasmine's (aka mini schnauzer)best bud. Jasmine was laying next to the lab's body when they found her. Next day, Jasmine was ill. The vet asked what else had been going on, they told her, she said she is grieving and has most likely worked herself up into a pancreatitis attack...which she had. The vet said the breed is more sensitive to things like death and change than any other breed. I've had similar experiences in years past with my own. Peanut is a beauty!

~Marie~ said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for the comment. Peanut's issues are from a sensitive GI and the fact that if he will eat just about anything. Ha ha. You would think that for a dog who is 6 years old he would be a little more selective about what he eats. Not so.

Sorry to hear about your neighbor's lab and hopefully Miss Jasmine is feeling better. I know Peanut is feeling much better.

Have a wonderful day!

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