May 5, 2011

May 5th, 2011

So it's been since April 7th that I last did a post about a book that I have read.  Why so long?  I've only been reading one book during that whole time.  Let Me In, it's a vampire book...... a very long vampire book.  Seriously this book took me forever. 

Meet Oskar.  Oskar gets bullied a lot.  Oskar meets Eli.  Eli is neither boy or girl, but Eli is a vampire.  Eli helps Oskar with his bullies.  That is pretty much how the book goes.  There are some side stories in the book that go long with it, though.  Which is why it was so long.  The writer really went into depth on those side stories. 

It was a good book, just super long.  And as I understand it, there is also a movie made from this book.  I don't think I will be watching the movie.

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