April 28, 2011

April 28th, 2011

We have been having some crazy weather here in Maryland yesterday and today.  We are getting all those storms that raged through the south, spitting out tornadoes.  We have been under so many tornado warnings, that I am starting to wonder when Maryland became Kansas.

I got this pic off a local tv station's website, the red are the worst parts of the storm.

But what do you do if you have a dog that has bad anxiety during storms.  I will tell you.

Just recently I purchased an item that was the best $36 I have ever spent.  A Thundershirt for Dogs.  Peanut used to shake, whine, and pace during storms.  Now that we have the thundershirt, he calmly lays down during the storm.  He will even chew his treat like there is nothing going on.  I recommend this for everyone who has a dog with storm anxiety, it works!

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