March 6, 2011

March 6th, 2011

I did a little make up shopping at Sephora online during the week last week.  I love their eye shadows.  So light and versatile.  Plus I was looking for a specific color that I just could not find.  It’s a very neutral shade and I like to wear that during my work day with a little eyeliner.  This way I have some make up on, but not so much that it requires a lot of work to put on in the morning before hand. 


So I picked out the All Wrapped Up Eye Collection for $34.  Six colors to choose from.  Yes it is Christmas and New Years related, but you can wear these colors all year round. 

The colors are from right to left:

Top: Present, The Gift, and Garland

Bottom: Mistletoe, Tinsel, Bauble

I have used the color Present, and it’s such a soft pink that you can barely see it.  I like it though.  The other colors I have not worn yet, but I may wear either Garland, Mistletoe, or Bauble to work today. 

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