October 5, 2010

October 5th, 2010

Last week I ordered something really cute.  It wasn't just the pink bluetooth headset for while I am driving (Thanks Maryland for enforcing hands free cell phone use in cars.).  I got a new bookmark for when I am reading. This is really helpful because I often loose the little piece of paper I usually use. 

I got this crafty looking bookmark from TangerineKitty.com.   And look how well it holds my place for me. I may pick up a few more as Christmas gifts.

This is my second purchase from them and I love it!  My first was the zebra print purse.  I still have it, and love it.  I look forward to buying more stuff from Diane, and if you need a gift for a gal in your life (wife, mother, girlfriend, daughter, neice, aunt, or cousin) check out her site.  You might find something totally unique for them. 

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