September 12, 2010

September 12th, 2010

I just got done reading Death's Excellent Vacation, and it was pretty good.  The first short story in the book is one that includes Miss Sookie Stackhouse, written by Charlaine Harris.  And she didn't disappoint, but it did leave me wanting to read more about Sookie.

There was one short story in the book I completely skipped over, which was The Perils of Effrijim.  I couldn't get into it.  I tried to stick it out, but really felt it wasn't quite the right kind of fit for this collection of paranormal short stories.  Some of the stories are pretty interesting and quite funny.  There is even a story about leprechauns, which I felt ended a little abruptly, but was still quite enjoyable.

I don't know if I will keep this book in my collection, mostly because I don't think I will re-read this.  Or want to re-read it.  It was fun, but I would like to share that fun.  So therefore this Friday I'm dropping off a stack of books at my local library.  I always feel really good about dropping off books to be donated there.

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