April 6, 2010

April 6th, 2010

It's so nice out today.  I really just want to play hookey from work and enjoy the day.  But then I wouldn't have a paycheck......*sigh*

Today I am feeling good and really productive.  I have applied for two jobs and I am going to call someone today to follow on an application I sent a couple weeks ago.  I've picked myself up and I'm not feeling as bummed anymore about not getting the job at Radio One.  It still sucks, because I hate where I am at.  But I have to keep going. 



Live.Love.Eat said...

Look at you!!!! It's nice to see your face! Something meant for you will definitely come your way. I hate to be cliche but the other one wasn't meant to be. Good luck!

~Marie~ said...

Aww.. thanks Steph. I was really bummed at first, but I'm sure something will come my way. Thanks. :-)

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