December 26, 2009

December 26th, 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did. Mom enjoyed the toothpick holder I got her, Dad likes his new coat, my younger brother likes the cash I gave him, Mark liked the drawing I got him from Nemo, and my older brother liked his gift he got early.  I got my older some JT Pappy’s sauce, and sent it to him after Thanksgiving.  I got a really pretty necklace from Mom and Dad, and my younger brother got me some Ipod speakers.  Yay… I can totally use those at work.  Mark told me a while ago my Christmas gift was a trip to Italy, and for my Birthday I get to eat dinner in Italy…I can’t wait.  Here are a few pics from Christmas Day!






Peanut enjoying his new bed, apparently it’s just he wanted from Santa Paws because he totally loves it and sleeps in it.      


This is the necklace from Mom and Dad.  I love it!

It’s hard to believe that Italy is just 16 days away.  I have to find some chee py boots to take that are similar to my Steve Maddens, so that they don’t get ruined.  I also want to find a nice dress or something to wear out to eat on the night of my birthday.  Lord knows I already feel like the luckiest gal in town!

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