September 27, 2009

September 27th, 2009

Friday Peanut got his shots, he was totally awesome. He let them do everything. I even got him one extra vaccine that was being offered. A vaccine for the canine flu. It's a flu that is spread to other dogs, and is like our flu. But we can't get it. Outside my vet there have a huge Koi pond, with huge Koi Fish.

After that Mark and I grabbed some lunch and fed some geese!


Gerri Ward said...

Peanut is such a trooper! WOW! I never heard of Canine flu, I wonder if dogs can catch the flu from humans? Speaking of the flu, I'm scared of getting that Swine flu shot but if I don't I'll freak out!
Are YOU getting it? I just thought about it, I still have to get the regular flu shot too, this sucks!!!:)

~Marie~ said...

Gerri, I'm actually not going to get the vaccine. I thought about it, but I am going to pass. Everyone is making a big deal out of the swine flu, and it's actually no worse than the regular flu. The only difference is that people and pigs and share it.

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