July 9, 2009

July 9th, 2009

I took advantage of an online sale and bought some new clothes. Here is what I bought:

An animal print halter top for summer. So pretty.

A black and gray beaded top.

A pair of black cropped cargo pants. I needed a pair because my others kind of got worn out.

And a pair of cropped linen pants.

I need flexability in my clothes, and I think these will definitely help with that.

I can't wait till these items arrive.


Gerri Ward said...

Fashionably Fab choices !!!
We must have ESP because I solely would buy exactly what you bought - I luv every item especially the second top!!!!

~Marie~ said...

Thanks Gerri. I always try to make fashionably fab choices. There was so much I wanted to buy, but kept the price low and stuck with these items. I don't know if it's ESP, but you def have wonderful fashion sense. I mean look at the soles you post in your blog!

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