June 3, 2009

June 3rd, 2009

Summer is almost here! How do I know this? I got a mosquito bite on my leg....while at work!

WTF was my first reaction too.

Speaking of bug bites, this morning at 3 AM we had a wicked thunderstorm roll through. At first Peanut was ok with the storm, and we continued to snooze away. Then there was this huge crack of thunder that startled me so much I sat straight up in bed. Peanut was pretty startled as well, and started to shake. I turned on the lights and the tv and he started to calm down...that's when I noticed the tick on his leg I had missed from his adventure on Saturday.

Saturday I took Peanut with me to Mark's Cambridge pool remodel project. Rain has really pushed back the completion date, but it's getting there. Mark decided to let Peanut roam free, and took his leash off. Peanut decided to romp through really tall grass. I had checked him for ticks when we got back to the truck, but I apparently missed this one. So at 330 am I was removing the tick...then I dropped it. I found it later at 4 AM, but couldn't see the head. I called the emergency vet at about 430 AM to ask about "if the head was left in the bite area" and was told not to worry because it won't live without the body and will eventually fall out. I don't know how accurate this is, because the internet says it can cause infection if left in. But they are the professionals......

So the tick has been on Peanut since Saturday and removed at 330 AM Wednesday. This bothers me. A tick can transmit lyme disease within 48-72 hours. Peanut has had his lyme disease vaccine September of 08, and is due this September of 09. I plan on calling my vet and seeing what they have to say about if I should be worried.

I got back to bed about 5 am, after scouring the internet on facts about lyme disease in dogs.

It's gonna be a long day.


Gerri Ward said...

OMG! First that mosquito bite sucks! I am sooo paranoid when it comes to the little buggers. I think of West Nile! As for Peanut I would keep a close eye on him and if necessary take him to the vet so that spot can be checked out! p.s. Try not to worry but it's difficult not to especially when it's someone you love!!! Peanut will be fine !!!

~Marie~ said...

Thanks Gerri. I called the vet this AM and they said they would test him for it if I wanted to in six months or when he comes in for his shots. Which ever comes first. They also said to keep an eye on the bite area, and if it begins to look swollen and red to bring him in.


ugh - mosquito bites!! the only bad thing about summer!!

~Marie~ said...

They are the only bad thing about summer. I found the little bugger the other day flying around my office, possibly looking for seconds, and squashed him!

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