April 29, 2009

April 29th, 2009

I am so excited for Saturday. I will be going to Westminster, MD to the Carrol County Farm Museum, and checking out the Civil War Living History weekend. The main reason for going is to support my best friend who will be there selling pie! She will be dressed up in period clothing, at her pie stand, Lucy Pie.

I mean, doesn't this Sweet Potato Pie look yummy? It's just one of the pies that will be available.

Eventually my best friend plans on starting her own bakery, calling it Lucy Pie, and making yummy treats! She says she has found her calling, I sure hope it works for her.


Forty Two East said...

Oh that pie looks yummy!
I hope your friend does follow her dreams....!!

Have fun.

~Marie~ said...

Me too. She has been struggling for so long working in a field she dislikes. I really want to see her happy in her work.

Gerri Ward said...

Now this pie looks deliciously yummy!
I luv the name: LUCY PIE, that is solely catching! Marie you should tell her to check out: Ladies who Launch, it's an excellent site for female entrepreneurs doing exactly what they enjoy! p.s. Have Fun this week-end!!!

~Marie~ said...

Gerri, thanks for the info on that site, I will get it to her right away! Lucy Pie is very catching, I think it's an excellent name.

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