March 26, 2009

March 26th, 2009

One more flower pic from last year!

Ok, Ok... two more...

So last night I attempted to make butter cookies....

Did not work out as planned! I did not add enough butter, and I had no idea that we have a cookie press. Which would have been so much more easier than making the cookies in the palm of my hand. I will attempt this again Friday so stay tuned as to what recipe I used.


Forty Two East said...

Pretty flowers!

I can't began to tell you how many cookies I have made wrong....sometimes though you can dunk them in milk and you want even

~Marie~ said...

Thank you!

The cookies are ok, and kind of remind me of sugar cookies. And you are right, if you dunk them in milk you have no idea they were flubs. Well in my case it would be soy milk, due to my mild dairy allergy.

The part that kills me though is that I have not heard the end of messing up the cookies from my parents!

Gerri Ward said...

Marie, your flower photos are too beautiful not to post sooo I say POST THEM ALL because they are solely One of a Kind! Now about your Peanut Butter Cookies - Friday they'll be sooo delicious that your Mom and Dad will be bugging you to bake more !!!

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