March 15, 2009

March 15th, 2009

Friday I did a great thing and purchased a reusable bag for when I go to Target. Well... let me refrase that. I intended to purchase it... but for some reason was not charged for it. C'est la vie! Now I just have to remember to keep it in my car for the next time I go to Target!


Gerri Ward said...

Marie, that's smart and lucky you for getting a freebie!
At the grocery store I have purchased quite a few, but I forget sometimes to take them out of the trunk into the store sooo I usually end up with paper bags which I don't like but they're better than plastic !!!
p.s. I'll have to buy some reusables for Target!

~Marie~ said...

I have already put the bag in my car and in a visible location so that the next time I go to Target I will be ready!

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