March 11, 2009

March 11th, 2009

Just the other day Mark was commenting to me about how we have a wedding reception to go to. It's in a couple weekends and I was pondering my outfit to wear.

I have this lovely halter top I could wear, that is spring like. It' black and has some really pretty looking flowers. I got it from Old Navy last Spring, and just love it!

Now I could pair with it a white skirt, or a pair of black pants... I haven't decided on that yet. But my newly purchased S.M.'s could totally work with the top. Do I dare unveil them at a wedding reception before Vegas in August? I just might!

When ever there is a party or someplace I am going to, I love to be stylish. I love the compliments and head turns I get... it gives me a wonderful ego boost. And believe it or not, I get more compliments on my shoes than anything else!


Gerri Ward said...

Marie, well considering you wear FAB soles, of course you get a ton of compliments!!!! You are naturally stylish, I luv this top it's perfect for a Wedding Reception, the colors are great! I can't make up my mind, I think the black pants maybe for the Reception, either one works- they're both great choices!

~Marie~ said...

Thank you Gerri!

I'm thinking the black pants too... but you right, they are both such great choices it's hard to choose.

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