February 15, 2009

February 15th, 2009

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day! It started really early because I was filling in for the guy that works on Sat, but after work I went to Mark's and he made me waffles. He joked that every day for me is Valentine's day because he is always making me dinner or lunch or both. LOL... let me tell you I love all of it. The guy I dated before Mark wasn't a great guy. He never cooked for me, and for some reason whenever we ate out (which was all the time) I always ended up paying. Eventually I stopped wanting to take him places with me, not only because of the paying, but because it was like he was attached to me at the hip, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I think it's safe to say we were not a match... LOL. But enough about the past...

After waffles, I had to head home and finish laundry. Oi... when you have an extra day of work it kind of throws you off. For Valentine's I gave Peanut extra hugs and snuggle time. Lord knows that furry little guy loves to snuggle while watching Animal Planet. We even took an extra long walk! After laundry was done, I went back to Mark's for dinner. After dinner I had a special treat for him. Smores! Ha ha... we made smores for our Valentine's Dessert... and the Marshmallows were pink and tasted kind of like strawberry quick.

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Debra said...

Glad you had a great Valentine's. My husband makes great waffles too, I wonder if that's a guy thing.

Oh smores are a great treat.

I bet Peanut loved every hug!! How sweet.

Gerri Ward said...

Lucky you Marie !!!
I'm jealous, the Smores and Waffles sound scrumptiously delicious too.Hmmm, I don't even think I ate dinner! Oh well, I'm Happy you and Mark and Peanut had a Wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

CC said...

Congratulations on a great guy who makes you feel special. I bet peanut loved the extra snuggle time. I just love smores, and to have had them taste like strawberry Quick, yummy!

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