November 24, 2008

November 24th, 2008

Well, there are only a few more days till Thanksgiving, AND.... 11 more days till I am in the Bahamas sitting in the sand.

On my walk tonight with Peanut I noticed the city had hung their Christmas decor up just a few days early, which I have been seeing a lot of. I guess people are trying to find a way to bring joy to their life, when it seems that maybe things just aren't going right. I mean the economy is in the crapper, apparently gas prices will shoot back up to over $3 again (it's at $1.79 in my area), people are loosing homes, banks are going under. My whole take on this crappy situation that the entire world is in, is that somewhere someone got greedy. But enough about that, let's see the pic!

Sorry the pic isn't so great, my phone takes crappy pics at night. Hopefully I will remember to grab my camera next time so that I can share with you just how pretty these snowflakes are.


Live.Love.Eat said...

Pretty little snowflake but they couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving huh? haha. Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!

Debra said...

What cute snowflakes!!!
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

I luv your photo of the Holiday decorations! Snowflakes are my fav!
I know it's very crappy the way things are but we just have to think positive and pray that things will get better soon! Hmmm,like in the next 60 seconds that would be nice!

Anonymous said...

bahamas huh, must be nice, I have deadlines up to my ears.

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