November 10, 2008

November 10th, 2008

So Friday I went to the Baltimore Aquarium with Mark. We had a pretty good time, and saw lots of things. Here are some of the pics!

The water in the Harbour at sunset!

Such a happy aligator!

Mmmm.. whatcha eatin?!

Turtle chillin on some rocks.

Bubble tube before you enter the aquarium part after the rainforest part.

This is a sting ray and the poisonous barb is waht killed Steve Irwin. I swam with them once when I visited the Caymen Islands... it was interesting.

This sea turtle was missing a limb!

Best pic I could get of the octopus, he was movin all over the place.

Poisonous Dart Frog Exhibit..... Mark assured me that when he goes to Peru, he will avoid the frogs.

The Harbour at night!

And what trip wouldn't be complete without a short vid of the Dolphin High Jump! While I enjoyed the Dolphin show at the aquarium, I couldn't help but to think the show in the Bahamas was way better!

Ok, well that's all for this post. I have a terrible cold and I am having issues focussing. I plan on putting all pics I took together in a book, that I will place up in my picture store for sale shortly. I want to make sure I edit all the pics so that the colors stand out more, just as I have done with these pics. Sometimes when you take pics though glass, the vibrance of a blue is dulled.


Live.Love.Eat said...

Awesome pics!! Those dart frogs are especially amazing. I love seeing creatures like that on Discovery. It shocks me still that anything living could be that vibrant of a color.

Debra said...

Great photos.....are those blue frogs?? I love the dolphin video!!!

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