October 2, 2008

October 2nd, 2008

So yesterday I was trying to download some music from Amazon.com, and it kept telling me my payment method was no good. Odd because I had just used it the day before... so I checked my checking account, and there was money in there. I decided to wait it out and see what happened, rather than call my bank and send an email to Amazon. I'm glad I waited it out because late last night I received an email from Amazon saying they were sorry that when I tried to purchase music earlier it didn't work (no reason given as to why it didn't work, but whatever) and that they had credited me with a $5 gift certificate I could use at any time..... SCORE! LOL... I have used 99 cents of it on a song by Flogging Molly called Float. Pretty cool song I think.

Last night I got soaked while giving Peanut a bath. He was not a happy guy about getting a bath. He usually will tolerate the bath as long as I don't try to wash his face, but I had to this time. So water and soap were everywhere. I use the kitchen sink because it has a spray nozzle and I can rinse him way quicker than if I were in the bathroom with him during this. During his bath I located one flea on him, which was dead from the soap. It's been a terrible year for fleas at my house!

OK back to work I go. I'm awaiting the music from the Israeli Lady so that I can assemble her radio show, and get this, she's getting it to me before 3 pm! YES!!!! Makes me so happy! She said last weeks show was perfect and that she loved it. Awesome, I worked really hard on it.

Tomorrow I am off from work, so I will be getting the oil changed in my car and calling CBS Baltimore to check the status of my application. I managed to get the name of the HR person, so hopefully I can get through. Fingers crossed, I'm not sitting back and waiting. I am going to get a new job in radio, and push my career forward. And that is that folks!

Here is a pic I took at the Falls Church Station I work at on Sundays...

My boss sent me this a while back, it's from the Philadelphia Station. they have an Italian program, and the host brought in a monkey one day!


Anonymous said...

You Go Girl,
Positive thinking is what it's all about!
p.s. That monkey is too cute!

The Writer said...

I have to tell you about this. It took me all summer and into this fall to get a job that was a move forward for me, so keep plugging. I know its hard, but the job is out there that you are looking for. Personally, I'm hoping for CBS, but even if that isn't it, the job is there...keep looking!

Fleas were horrible here as well, but the dogs have been clear for about three weeks now, thankfully!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

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