October 10, 2008

October 10th, 2008

I just wanted to update you on my interview. I think it went well. My scheduled time was 10 am, I got there around 935, went back to start the interview process around 945. The interview was for the position of Full Time Continuity Director and Production Assistant. Dave Labrozzi asked me if I knew what a Continuity Director was and what it entailed. I told him my perspective, was that the Continuity Director communicates with Traffic, Sales and Production to ensure that Spots are aired on time, and that if they don't the station looses revenue. Which is a huge loss and can reflect badly on the station, but also the Continuity Director.

I expressed to him my interest to be in an environment such as CBS radio where there is an opportunity to do and be more. I think I shocked him when he asked me what my dream job would be. My answer was that I was already in my dream job of radio, but that possibly one day in the future I would like to run a radio station as a GM. He showed me around the facilities, which are really nice. When we got back to his office, he asked me if I fully understood that the position is not a normal 9-5, and that some days the hours would be longer than others. And that my job would be the most important job.

I was confident, and I felt I sold myself well. That I am organized and detail oriented, and that I am not afraid to call someone in the sales dept and ask where is my copy that is supposed to air tomorrow. I'm not afraid to put in the time it takes to get the job not only done, but done right, and that I felt I could do this job really well if given the chance. Dave said he still had a couple candidates to interview, but that he would be in touch. He gave me his card, and said I could call him at anytime if I had any questions, or wanted to follow up with him.

I'm going to drop a thank you card in the mail Saturday, and give him a call either Tuesday or Wednesday. This way the card gets to him, and when I call I am still in his fresh in his memory, rather than wait for him to call me.


The Writer said...

Perfect! Keep it up, kiddo!!! I'm still praying for ya!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Anonymous said...

Excellent,it sounds good to me! Stay positive.

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